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I love God!! I am a travelling RN working in labor & delivery. I have an AWESOME son & daughter in law and a brand new grandson! They will be fabulous parents because THEY are outstanding. I love the Seattle Seahawks...my favorite player hands down is Richard Sherman for a number of reasons. I love to draw portraits and I am dabbling with mixed media painting...I suppose I'm an artist! I love photography, but I'm a novice & am constantly practicing as I make my way through God's wonderful creation.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Saved :)

I believe that Christ is the son of God. THE true and living God, creator of all things.

I believe that He came to this earth and lived a perfect life so that I could be forgiven of all my sins and imperfections.

I believe that He spent 3 horrifying days without His Father, God.

I believe that He rose from the dead on the 3rd day and ascended up to heaven to sit at God's right hand.

I believe that He will come back one day (in the same manner in which He left) to take all of the righteous (through Him, of course), living or dead, back to heaven with Him.

I have been baptized for the forgiveness of my sins; buried in water in the likeness of His burial; and raised out of the water in the likeness of his resurrection.

I am working on living faithfully in order to be prepared for that day... the day He comes back to take us home with Him.

I believe that the Holy Spirit is helping me in my daily walk with Him.

:) What more does one need?

Friday, April 23, 2010


I: pretty self explanatory.
Can: one would think positive thoughts when they see this little word.
Unless....it's followed by...
Not: I suppose this is contradictory to my own philosophy-- "Can't never
could do anything" but I'm stating a fact.
Win: So? Is winning all that important? I suppose it depends on the battle
you're in the middle of.

Why does it have to be a battle at all? Why can't it just be normal, every day chatting? Normal, every day life. I've always considered myself more of a leader than a "people pleaser" but it seems that with those closest to me, that's all I want is for them to be pleased. I want to "lead" them into having what they want. I fail. Over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. I try SO hard to make sure that the ones I love have everything they want, especially when it's something they've asked for hundreds of times. So, when I "throw in the towel" and make it happen.....then I become the 'stressor' in the situation. I used to be the 'stressor' because I tried to prevent them from getting what they wanted. Now I'm the 'stressor' because I'm so very close to being able to facilitate them actually getting what they want. Why? Oh, yes, because what they said they wanted all this time is not actually what they want...that has changed now. Why? "No good will come of it." OH!! Wow!! I may have said that once or twice before, but I gave in, like I said, I 'threw in the towel' because it USED to be what you wanted.
I'm about certain that if I will simply disappear off the face of the earth, then everyone will be as happy as they want to be because their stressor will be gone. Oh what a wonderful world it will be for them then.
Then they will all have exactly what they want.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

To Trust or not to Trust?

So, there is only One you can truly trust, right? How many times do you say something to someone that you believe with all your being will hold it in their heart, pray about it and forget it? How many times does this actually happen? Am I trying to say that I am not at fault in this simple concept? Not a chance. There are things you hear that seem they will cause you to explode if you just sit on the information without acting in some way, and I am the first to tell you that's true, so, the original question....to trust or not to trust?
There is One we can all trust, always. He will NEVER betray us. If we will tell Him something, He will listen, hold us close in His bosom and comfort us. Do we rely on Him or do we try to put our trust in men, who are weak just as we are? Is it great to have friends on this earth? Sure, but can we really trust them? True, I have met a few people I believe I would be able to say ANYTHING to and it would NEVER be repeated in any way...very few. Sad, I know, but we all know it's true. If we are honest with ourselves, we know whether we are one of those people or not.
When we say to our friends, "you can trust me" are we telling the truth? I know that there are times when I think I am at the time...and then later, when things are rocky, that changes. It's not something that is premeditated or intentional, it just happens. There are definitely secrets I have kept that I would not ever tell anyone...so this is only true in some cases. It should be true in every case.
God tells me I need to mind my own business, not gossip, be there for my brothers and sisters in Christ, and show those on the outside Who I belong to. I fall so short in these areas. I am continuously striving to improve this flaw in my character but it seems that I fall down way too often.
I'm still praying, I'm going to keep striving. I'm too stubborn to give up. I know that God is there even when no one else is and He will help me. He will help any of us if we just ask Him and believe that He will answer how He sees fit. This brings great comfort!
So the answer for me? YES!! Trust!! Who? Trust God!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

& the ride continues....

Everything has pros & cons, right? So, what about a rollercoaster ride? Yes, this simple, passive activity is no exception. In the beginning you sit down, strap in and feel somewhat prepared for what's about to happen. It starts with a little jolt, just to let ya know it's moving, then creeps along at a moderate but steady pace. Scenery begins to blur. Solid, seemingly permanent items lay down, then invert completely. At times you get to buzzing around so rapidly it's nauseating but you're enjoying it immensely, so glad to still be moving! The process repeats itself, perhaps the order of events will vary, but the ride continues all the same. It's redundant. Then there is the dreadful, most frightening part. It should not be so bad because there are rails to hold on to and you're strapped in! That doesn't prevent the fear welling up in your gut as you see it coming...getting closer and closer and as you begin to see the direction you're about to take the terror multiplies. It suffocates you as you reach the crest...but you are powerless to stop it or even change direction....and the downward spiral begins....down down down, further and further. Attempts to grasp something, anything to alter your speed or possilby bring comfort as you travel are in vain. Relaxation & ease of mind are nowhere in sight. The trip is unavoidable.....It's dark, gloomy on the way down. You can visualize the necessary steps which must be taken to get off the ride, but fear has you paralyzed like a phobia. You wonder if calling out loudly would help in some way....but what would you say? I mean, you got on this ride yourself.....or did you? Regardless, here you remain, terrified, sobbing, screaming for help, support or even a little empathy... (not for company though, never that because you would never in a million years subject anyone you know & like or even anyone you don't like to this part of the ride.) all to no avail...this stretch of the ride is to be endured alone or at least it has been up until now.... & here it comes again....my own downward spiral. It's thick, all around me like I'm in a massive container of pudding, sinking slowly but steadily. Knowing that struggling will only cause me to sink more rapidly and wondering if I will proceed unil I'm completely buried this time or if my feet will once again touch bottom just prior to being totally submerged so I can begin the slow, steady climb out so I can continue the ride..... & the ride continues...........


So....why? This is the question nagging me. Why doesn't he just tell the truth? Why is he still so hung up? Why can't he overcome this? Why do I really care what he's doing?
Why why why why why why?
Why won't she leave him alone? Why?
Have I ever mentioned that lies are #1 on my list of pet peaves? #1 on my list of "things I hate about you"?
Why do people think that they can be evasive, tell part of the truth, look right in your face & tell outright NON truths and it be okay? IT IS NOT OKAY!!
Do I ever lie? I'm afraid so. This means that sometimes, I'm #1 on my own list(s). Do I make a habit of it? No. Is it okay when I do it? NO! Is there any situation that makes it okay? NO! Can you find an authorization for it in the Bible anywhere? NO! NO! NO! NO!
Is that dramatic enough?
Did I mention that I really really really detest being lied to?

Sunday, April 11, 2010

My Favorite Peeps

So, I need to do a quick update with some pics of me w my fabulous peeps!!
Me w my boy J.C.

Me & my Morgie

Me & My Maximus :)

Me & Kor & Mom

OOPS! didn't get one of me & my man... :(
We had a wonderful visit. My amazing young man has accepted a position as an intern at the Augusta Church of Christ in Maine for this summer...quite impressive for a freshman to be invited to do an internship! I'm so proud of him!! He is already such a great worker for the Lord, this is just going to help him become the great man of God he seeks to become.
Aside from THAT part of his awesomeness.....he ran another sub 50; (49.5!!) So with the 49.3....his best 2 times ever! He is just amazing. Enuf of that, his head is big enough! LOL jk jk.
I had the most lovely visit with my Morgie too--we went walking together & got to visit a few times while I was in AR, she brought Nathan with her a couple times too. They came to Kor's track meet yesterday....wonderful!
We played Balderdash- Me, Mom, Randy, J.C. & Kory...HAHAHAHA!! We laughed until we cried! It was really a GREAT time.

I really missed my Maximus & it was great to see him too. I can't wait till after camp Caudle when I can bring him back to WA with me! He's such a good & sweet boy!

I would continue, but honestly, I've been driving all day, I have a terrible headache & I'm in the middle of South Dakota somewhere just SO ready to get some sleep. Will hit the road on the way to Mt. Rushmore early in the morning! Looking forward to some INTERESTING scenery, cuz I have to say that so far....it's been pretty boring watching the dust rise off of the seemingly endless empty fields & farms! Have seen TONS of dead deer along the side of the road. For some stretches I'm sure there was one for every 2 miles travelled! Never saw a live one....hopefully that will all change tomorrow.

Will update with new and exciting details of the trip in the next few days!! :):) :)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My Rollercoaster :s

So, I've been back in Arkansas (thankfully, Mom came with me) since Thursday, April 1st. (April FOOL'S day! I suppose that should have been a clue right there as to how the trip would go.)
FIRST OF ALL, before any of my real friends get offended or think I'm aiming anything at them, I AM SOOOOOO GLAD I'VE GOTTEN TO SEE MY LOVING CHRISTIAN FAMILY!!! They have been my lifeblood for the past 16 years, and they still are. I am ever so thankful for all of the beautiful friendships I've made throughout my Christian walk.

As far as the rest of the trip....
My amazing son...

...ran his best time ever in the 400m... 49.3! AND his 4X400 team qualified for nationals (they are 8th in the nation) already with their time of 3:14. (link below) Amazing! The team is well on their way to All American status. The same 4 will be returning next year too, so there is room for nothin but improvement! I'm so proud of him.
A link to the recent article about his 4X400 team:


He stays so focused.....for the MOST part,
But of course, there are always...well, always is such a strong word, lets say much of the time, childish issues can create a LOT of turmoil in his otherwise smooth existence. College is so tough anyway, it would be really nice if he didn't have to deal with any extra STUFF while he's trying to make it through.

As far as the OTHER man-child in my life......oh, that's for another time. I don't even know what to say except we need prayer, LOTS of prayer because without some MAJOR intervention, he will be my EX-man-child.

Blog Accomplished.
Letting go.....praying......letting go & letting GOD.....
It's the only way.