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Friday, April 23, 2010


I: pretty self explanatory.
Can: one would think positive thoughts when they see this little word.
Unless....it's followed by...
Not: I suppose this is contradictory to my own philosophy-- "Can't never
could do anything" but I'm stating a fact.
Win: So? Is winning all that important? I suppose it depends on the battle
you're in the middle of.

Why does it have to be a battle at all? Why can't it just be normal, every day chatting? Normal, every day life. I've always considered myself more of a leader than a "people pleaser" but it seems that with those closest to me, that's all I want is for them to be pleased. I want to "lead" them into having what they want. I fail. Over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. I try SO hard to make sure that the ones I love have everything they want, especially when it's something they've asked for hundreds of times. So, when I "throw in the towel" and make it happen.....then I become the 'stressor' in the situation. I used to be the 'stressor' because I tried to prevent them from getting what they wanted. Now I'm the 'stressor' because I'm so very close to being able to facilitate them actually getting what they want. Why? Oh, yes, because what they said they wanted all this time is not actually what they want...that has changed now. Why? "No good will come of it." OH!! Wow!! I may have said that once or twice before, but I gave in, like I said, I 'threw in the towel' because it USED to be what you wanted.
I'm about certain that if I will simply disappear off the face of the earth, then everyone will be as happy as they want to be because their stressor will be gone. Oh what a wonderful world it will be for them then.
Then they will all have exactly what they want.

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