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I love God!! I am a travelling RN working in labor & delivery. I have an AWESOME son & daughter in law and a brand new grandson! They will be fabulous parents because THEY are outstanding. I love the Seattle Seahawks...my favorite player hands down is Richard Sherman for a number of reasons. I love to draw portraits and I am dabbling with mixed media painting...I suppose I'm an artist! I love photography, but I'm a novice & am constantly practicing as I make my way through God's wonderful creation.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


So....why? This is the question nagging me. Why doesn't he just tell the truth? Why is he still so hung up? Why can't he overcome this? Why do I really care what he's doing?
Why why why why why why?
Why won't she leave him alone? Why?
Have I ever mentioned that lies are #1 on my list of pet peaves? #1 on my list of "things I hate about you"?
Why do people think that they can be evasive, tell part of the truth, look right in your face & tell outright NON truths and it be okay? IT IS NOT OKAY!!
Do I ever lie? I'm afraid so. This means that sometimes, I'm #1 on my own list(s). Do I make a habit of it? No. Is it okay when I do it? NO! Is there any situation that makes it okay? NO! Can you find an authorization for it in the Bible anywhere? NO! NO! NO! NO!
Is that dramatic enough?
Did I mention that I really really really detest being lied to?

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