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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

To Trust or not to Trust?

So, there is only One you can truly trust, right? How many times do you say something to someone that you believe with all your being will hold it in their heart, pray about it and forget it? How many times does this actually happen? Am I trying to say that I am not at fault in this simple concept? Not a chance. There are things you hear that seem they will cause you to explode if you just sit on the information without acting in some way, and I am the first to tell you that's true, so, the original question....to trust or not to trust?
There is One we can all trust, always. He will NEVER betray us. If we will tell Him something, He will listen, hold us close in His bosom and comfort us. Do we rely on Him or do we try to put our trust in men, who are weak just as we are? Is it great to have friends on this earth? Sure, but can we really trust them? True, I have met a few people I believe I would be able to say ANYTHING to and it would NEVER be repeated in any way...very few. Sad, I know, but we all know it's true. If we are honest with ourselves, we know whether we are one of those people or not.
When we say to our friends, "you can trust me" are we telling the truth? I know that there are times when I think I am at the time...and then later, when things are rocky, that changes. It's not something that is premeditated or intentional, it just happens. There are definitely secrets I have kept that I would not ever tell anyone...so this is only true in some cases. It should be true in every case.
God tells me I need to mind my own business, not gossip, be there for my brothers and sisters in Christ, and show those on the outside Who I belong to. I fall so short in these areas. I am continuously striving to improve this flaw in my character but it seems that I fall down way too often.
I'm still praying, I'm going to keep striving. I'm too stubborn to give up. I know that God is there even when no one else is and He will help me. He will help any of us if we just ask Him and believe that He will answer how He sees fit. This brings great comfort!
So the answer for me? YES!! Trust!! Who? Trust God!!

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