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I love God!! I am a travelling RN working in labor & delivery. I have an AWESOME son & daughter in law and a brand new grandson! They will be fabulous parents because THEY are outstanding. I love the Seattle Seahawks...my favorite player hands down is Richard Sherman for a number of reasons. I love to draw portraits and I am dabbling with mixed media painting...I suppose I'm an artist! I love photography, but I'm a novice & am constantly practicing as I make my way through God's wonderful creation.

Friday, July 30, 2010

All for numero ??uno??

First of all, I really don't consider myself to be 'numero uno' but most ppl know the saying...
So, I'm not into editing my posts, or explaining them so that people who choose to read my blog can understand them, but apparently there are times that we must clarify things for people to help them relax.

Rather than put my business 100% out in the open I speak much of the time in third person or code. It seems that you can write a bit more creatively that way. I don't really consider anyone else to be just like me, or feel that anyone else actually draws a parallel between me & themselves (or anyone else in the world,) but I suppose when you're really looking hard for something,
you can find it.

Anyway....just to clear the air for anyone who really wants to know....my blog is about me. M.E. ME!! I vent here. I blow off steam here.
I talk about my adventures here.
I talk about my struggles. I talk about my life.
I talk about my good qualities.
I bash myself when I am behaving pathetically.
There are some who read it and pray for me. (Thanks ^.~)

I think it's okay to have an awareness that pushes you into some
from time to time...too often may be a bit unhealthy, but occasionally could actually prove to be good for you? I don't know. I've ridden my rollercoaster for quite some time now, like...my whole life...so I think it has actually helped me when I realize how pathetic I am from time to time. If others care to draw parallels between me and them, I suppose that's their perogative....but when I'm self-bashing, it's fully intended for just that
 and usually helps me to stop partaking in the behaviors that I'm bashing myself for doing.

If at any time someone happens upon my blog and decides that me writing about ME is offensive...my best suggestion is for them to stay off of my blog.
I write it for and about me!
(Well, and of course those who pray for me when I'm being pathetic.)

So....for all those ppl out in blog land who read this or any other blog...if you didn't like your visit, it seems that not repeating it is a superior idea.


  1. Thank you! I get so annoyed when people leave negative comments about blogs, Facebook posts, etc. I read things every day that I don't agree with... but it's the internet, it's optional. Just move on. And if you don't like it, don't come back later expecting something different and then leave more negative comments that you still don't like it. The only exception is that if I person I care about it posting something I think to be wrong / heading down a bad path, I will try to discuss it with them... but either by private message or a phone call. But, in general, people who can't tell the difference between "venting" posts and "real problem" posts don't belong on the internet! :-) I always tell people "My blog is cheaper than therapy..." so if you don't want to know what goes on in my head, don't click the link!

  2. AMEN to that Audreya!! It would be more acceptable if people would actually ask you what you're talking about if they really want to know, rather than just assume they already know and act irrationally because of their (incorrect) assumptions. My Dad always said something about what happens when we assume.... I won't repeat it, but have noted that it proves to be true over and over again.
    If ppl don't like my blog, they oughta stay off of it. Bottom line.


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