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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Repetition, Repetition, Repetition

The old phrase; repetition, repetition, repetition....it's supposed to be the best way to learn something, right?
When we continue to do the same things over and over again, and get the same results...if those are positive results, reason would tell us to continue doing things exactly as we have been. When, however, the results are negative....repeatedly....it seems that we should possibly change our tactics.
Is this a difficult concept? Is this really all that hard to figure out?

Some ppl just don't get it. When someone says that they really don't like another, why does this one keep pursuing them? Is the chase that much fun?
 Why when someone makes it very clear that they'd really rather not talk to someone....ever....does that particular one hound them to no end until they talk to them just to get 'em off their back? Does it really make one feel good to know that that person is just appeasing them, but would NEVER have done it without being bombarded with such persistance? When someone doesn't get in contact with another first....EVER....why would one keep making the other miserable by hounding them anyway? What does this really accomplish?
Is there seriously that much of an illusion that one believes what they want to rather than the truth?  Is this real life or a fairy tale?

When one wants someone else to leave them alone (completely), in fact leave their entire family alone...why does this one hound their family & friends? Or have little gossip sessions with people they really have no business talking to in the first place.
 Does this make one feel superior? Does one feel like they are doing harm to the other party in some way? Is it a power trip?
Is it satisfying?
Does it make one feel as though they're accomplishing something good?

What would be the final blow? What would it take for us to figure out that what we are doing will never accomplish anything? (At least not anything positive.)
When will we realize that this behavior does not show the peaceful and loving nature that Christ would have us show? Will it be when Christ actually comes back? 
Will it really take that long? (IF it will actually be a LONG time before He comes.)
What would it take?
Is it even possible for us to stop?
Can we ALL open our eyes to reality here?

'He's just not that into you!'
'Dangerous Liasons!'
'We Don't Live Here Anymore!'
'The End Of The Affair'
'The Story of Us'
Ummmmmm, it's O.V.E.R.
Deal with it and GO ON.....bye bye!

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