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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hitchin' a Ride

Working at night is so joyful!
It affords one the opportunity to get out and run errands during daylight hours, then NOT sleep before going back to work again!
Sometimes, in the course of one of these days, one might find something that sparks their interest, such as....
I know, I know....it's dangerous to consider this interesting...sorry, it just IS!

Who would have ever thought that there are actually numerous websites dedicated specifically for hitchhikers? Well, there are.
One could go on hitchhiker.org and find a trip they want to 'hitch a ride' on, hook up with the driver and just take off!
 Technology is Amazing.

Driving Mom to the airport first thing in the morning (or evening for a night worker) and then rushing back home to (not) sleep and prepare for work again the same night....that very interesting sight appears....
Without a thought, the car is on the shoulder with the flashers on.
Click, click, click...

"Where you headed?"
"Where are you headed?"
"Home haha"
"Can you take me to Sequim?" (Puts the HUGE backpack in the back seat & hops in.)
"Sure, I'm headed to PA & it's on the way"
(gets out the map) "Can I ride to PA with you?"
"No problem! Where are you coming from?"
"Everywhere. New York, California, South Dakota, Wyoming. Just checking out the country."
(Noticing the accent) "Where are you from?"
"Nice! What brough you all the way here?"
"I've been accepted to University. I start in the fall in New York. I have a couple months off, so I'm making the most of it."
"What will you study?"
"The science of religion." 
"Do you plan to preach?"
"No, I'm not really into theology. Just the different religions and how they affect society. You are much more religious in the US than the people in Denmark."
"Do you believe in God?"
"I believe in something higher than myself."
"Well have you heard of Jesus?"
"Yes, I just don't know what I believe. What do you believe?"
"I believe that Jesus is God's Son, Who He sent to earth to live perfectly because mankind can't, and that He was hung on a cross to die so I can go to heaven some day."

On and on and on.....
Eventually finding out that 20y/o Chris, from Denmark, was quite receptive to the Bible and it was a great opportunity to teach the love of God to a stranger. Planting seeds is our purpose here, right?

There are definitely dangers involved in picking up hitchhikers, but the benefit seems to greatly outweigh the risk.
Besides, while doing such a deed you may be unknowingly entertaining angels.

 So, the next time you see this.... 

Consider it an opportunity rather than a burden.
Stepping out on a limb can be scary, but I bet Jesus was scared too. 

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