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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Then There Were 22

22 Days
(Well, in 18 minutes...)
Yes, I'm  still counting. I know, I know....it's NOT going to happen, remember?
Of course I remember!!

I did decide that I'm making the best of it!
I'll be sure to make something good happen that day, even if I'm not about to partake in the most wonderfully spectacular......bleh.
Forget it. Better to just let it drift away than to dwell on it.

So, there are so many many important things that I can concentrate on, right?
Like my baby boy!
I am SO proud of him! He has a partial academic and partial track scholarship for college. He runs sprints with the 400m being his specialty. His 4x4 team is currently 3rd in the nation! They are 2 seconds away from the national record and 1/2 second away from the Harding University record. They are on track to be "All American"!!
Besides being a very special young man, he is a superior athlete as well. His time in the 400m last weekend was 47.6!
For those who don't know....that is incredibly fast! He is proud of his team and is super excited about their progress, and who could blame him?

Even though he's in college, he still keeps in touch with his Momma every day. That is amazing to me. His buddies in high school razzed him about being a Momma's boy...but it was all in good fun. He actually IS though! Even though he is over 2000 miles away from me. It makes me feel so special to know that he cares enough about me to keep in touch and keep me informed even though he really doesn't have to and I'm sure he has much better things to do. He simply knows how warm & fuzzy it makes me feel to hear his voice and to be informed, so he makes it happen. I'm so blessed! 

That's something that makes us all feel like we're worth something though, isn't it? If we want other people to know that we love them...to really know...then we give them that courtesy, right? Yes, that's exactly what we do. Take the time and effort to reach out to them at least every day. Does that mean we have to go out of our way to accomplish it? Sometimes, yes it does. 
If we neglect to do this, what happens in the psyche of our loved ones? 
Well, consider what happens in our own psyche when we don't hear from someone we love. (or who supposedly loves us) Don't we wonder? Maybe if it's just a fluke thing and we don't hear from them for a day, we just try to make contact & assure that everything is ok...but what about day after day? (This is what I half expected from my college boy, but with regularity, he comes through!) If it becomes habit for someone to continue to "forget" to check in, eventually it is a logical assumption that the feelings they once had are no longer valid, right?

I must ask myself the question, "How am I making my loved ones feel?"
Do I neglect to contact those I love? If I DO, then do I really love them?
Hmmmm...definite food for thought.
This is one of the exact reasons my marriage dissolved. Lack of communication. I always said, "If he really loved me, then he would MAKE TIME for me."
True? I say absolutely. Love will find a way.
Chew on this awhile.

Peace and Blessings :)

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  1. Congrats on having such a fine young man as a son. God bless.


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