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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A California Weekend

Mom drove me to the airport early Friday morning when I got off work & I caught the plane to SanFrancisco. Of course it takes a couple hours to get to the airport from home, so I made it with just a little time to spare before my 11:00, right? Guess not! My flight was delayed until noon so I sat in the airport, blogged and watched people for awhile. Made it to SFO about 2:15 & made my way to the rental car waiting line. OH MY was it long. I waited almost an hour to get to the counter and get my keys. I was in a mildly sleepy state, so I may not have been thinking as clearly as I should have been... so when Erik at the counter offered me a shiny red convertible Camaro at a huge discount, I said, "Why yes, I'd LOVE to take that!"
This made the ride over to Turlock quite enjoyable in fact!
As for the reason I went to Cali in the first place? The race. Ahem...that is another story.
I mentioned before that the boys were ranked 3rd in the Nation, but that the normal anchor on the team would "possibly" not be able to make it? Yeah. He didn't make it. The boys still should have been able to get into the finals if they had done their best. Well, it just didn't turn out that way. The one they had in the anchor position ran about 4 seconds slower than he typically does. 4 seconds!! Oh, it was NOT pretty. The other guys were quite angry and it showed. Coach took us all to Denny's afterward and you could definitely feel the tension. Immediately after we ate, we headed to the hotel, I got checked in, and then I headed to town with my boy & his buddy. Walking the streets of Modesto at midnight is interesting to say the least, particularly when you've had no sleep in the last 30 hours! The guys needed some pampering and stress relief in a big way.
 The next day, we took off for SanFrancisco.
The boys checking out the city map.

We decided to ride on the city tour bus. It was so much fun. It was a first for all 3 of us to be in Frisco so it was quite an adventure!
Spending a whole day with these two was SO enjoyable!
Talk about personality! Laughter took up a large portion of our time.

Tony Bennett's heart that he painted (with left over paint from the Golden Gate Bridge)
and then left in San Francisco. 

The 'circles' on this building were spirographed!
 Brought back some memories & made me feel a lil old!

Frances Ford Coppola's hotel.

YES! I had the privelage of being escorted around San Francisco with
these ROCK STARS!! Who could ask for more?

So, my fascination with prisons, outlaws, crime, etc was like a super duty magnet pulling me toward what? Yes, of course!
I have much more to say about being imprisoned...it will come later.
I did spend the following day touring the island and taking another couple of loops around the big city before making my way back to the rental car counter (boo hoo, I really liked that car!) and to catch my flight home. 
Once I left the plane in Seattle, I took the light rail downtown and walked to the ferry dock. I must say that walking through the red light district at night actually made me a little nervous! Quite odd for me, but almost refreshing. Like I actually may be somewhat human! ;)
Ta ta for now! 


  1. What a wonderful trip---except for the disappointment of the race, of course. Thanks for sharing a great time! I've been to Alcatraz, too, and I think that it's a great tour.

  2. Yes! I loved the Alcatraz tour! It was cool that I could walk around as long as I wanted without a stringent schedule to follow. Of course I loved hangin with my boy & his buddy too. It was definitely needed after the spoiled race :( They seemed to really have fun.


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