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Sunday, May 22, 2011


Slam, bang, boom...thump thump thump...meeeooowwwwww...pant pant pant...
This is what my "alarm" sounded like last night.
Yes, it finally happened.  Of course the chase culminated in my room.
Max got up close and personal with Lola.  
I'd been pondering exactly what he may want to do with the cats that he so persistantly attempted to get near. I found out. My vicious pit bull wanted to PLAY with the kitty.
Yes, after their encounter there was blood everywhere. On me, on the carpet, on Lola, on my Mom and, of course, on Max. Why? Because Lola literally tore his entire muzzle up. She has no front claws, so she did this with her teeth and her back paws.
If there was ever a time for Max to show how incredibly mean and scary he is, that would have been the time, wouldn't you think?
No, Max is a big, playful dope who just wanted to romp around with the little fur balls in his new home and he paid the price for it.
I will be careful that they not meet up again any time soon just in case he is holding a grudge. I don't know if he's smart enough. 
I wish I was dumb (smart?) enough to forget things.
It just goes to show: Not all pit bulls are killers!

I'll be off work soon & I have a road trip to blog about!
Pics on the way later today.

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