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Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Month I Was Waiting For

I can't believe it's May already.
In just 5 days, I will be on my road trip back to the South probably for the last time.
There is really not much I miss about being there. Of course I miss Kory terribly, but regardless of where I lived, I'd be missing him since he's "all grown up" now and no longer living at home. At least I have the privelage of seeing him twice a year.
Speaking of Kory....
I received another call from him the day before yesterday...2 days after the tornado incident...and he & his girlfriend had been in a wreck. WOW, is God trying to say something to him, to her, to me or ALL of us??
He spent the afternoon in the hospital. When the EMT came to the door of the truck (Her Jeep Grand Cherokee which she totalled in this wreck) Kory couldn't remember his name and he was bleeding from someplace just above his face so he was sort of a mess with a concussion. (((sigh))) In the process of this wreck, he hurt his leg as well, so it was questionable whether or not he was going to make it to the BIG track meet this weekend.
Guess What?
He toughed it out and went, so...
Part of his track team spent the day today in DesMoines, Iowa at a very important meet.
Did I scream that? Oh, yes I did!! I'm so excited for them!

So, I get to see my baby boy for at least a little while next week, I'll finally get to meet his beautiful girlfriend too!
I get to see my girl Morgan and hopefully get to see Amber.
I'll get to be reunited with my baby doggy Maximus and bring him home with me :)
& I'll close the door on this chapter of my life.
The road trip will be fun, but bittersweet.

Things become a little clearer to me every day.
God and God alone is who I can put my faith, my trust, my hope in.
Men will fail me every time. A well known fact, however, I let my guard down and it bit me, bit me hard. I've learned my lesson.
Time to start over.

Welcome May...I've been waiting for you :)

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