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Friday, June 10, 2011

Lyrics of Love and Lore: Guide For Men Who Have Cheated and Been Caught......

Lyrics of Love and Lore: Guide For Men Who Have Cheated and Been Caught......

Haha...I HAD to share this (Click on link above to read), since it was actually a man who blogged it!

Having been on the receiving end numerous times, as well as experience with being the "other woman"...
SIDE NOTE: I would NEVER, I repeat, NEVER (I know you're not supposed to use that word, but I sincerely mean it!) been in that position knowingly or willingly. I was led to believe a LIE from the start and after doing some investigating after the fact (wrong time, I know)...come to find out: while I was "the other woman" I was being lied to the entire time so I didn't realize to what extent I really was "the other woman" because I was repeatedly assured that I was the ONLY woman mentally, physically, etc etc., that they simply "co-existed in the same house" and had been for years but had stopped being intimate or acting married, that he was just waiting for the divorce paperwork to be finalized. I was daily (& then some) being told that he was "already gone" and that he was just being a 'nice, responsible guy' by letting her live in part of his house (which isn't even really his LOL) helping her get on her feet so she could be independent financially before he left because he "loved his kids so much"...blah blah blah. Yeah, dude was smooth let me tell ya. I only realized later how incredibly stupid and gullible I must have looked to him, and how much fun he must have had playing with my head. Oh well, we live and learn, right? Yeah I used to smile when I thought about him, you know because we were "so in love" BAHAHAHA! Oh, I smile when I think about it now too...because he is so pathetic.

Anyway, I told Clint (my fellow blogger who posted the "Guide") that he needed to add: "Don't allow the current woman and the "other woman" to communicate---keep them apart at all cost! Block their emails and phone numbers so they can't compare notes! If they are ever allowed to speak or communicate in any way, then even MORE lies will be exposed!! LOL!

SIDE NOTE: After the fact during my investigation, it was revealed that the dude had been lying through his teeth the whole time, this was not the first time he'd done it, (sadly for her, it probably won't be the last either) he called us both the same pet name, (I had specifically asked if he'd EVER called ANYONE that before & of course he said, "no way"), he bought us the exact same gifts at the same times..Christmas & Valentine's day (maybe he got 2 for 1?), he had never ceased intimacy with the wife (who he had never really planned to divorce; hmmm, tough to be waiting for it to be final when it was never started, huh?) among many many other untruths.

I'm a straight shooter, therefore I was honest the whole time. I don't know any other way to be--so once facts started to surface and he was confronted? He told her that I was just saying those things so I could "break them up" because I wanted him. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! All part of the "pathetic-ness." PLEASE! For someone so smooth, you'd think that they would be self aware enough to know that although they paint a pretty picture of themselves, since it's just a bunch of lies, they're nothing special at all! I figured he'd have realized that when I said I "HATE" being lied to & that it was a deal breaker, I meant it! I suppose it's tough when you are a perpetual liar to actually believe that some people really are honest. Trust issues? HAHA, yeah, I'd say so.

It's all good now...GREAT actually--between my totally jacked up marriage and experiences such as these, I have lotsa spare knowledge under my belt, I count it all as lessons learned...actually get a kick out of it now & would be glad to swap stories any old time lol. I really didn't mean to be so long winded, but when I told my friend that I'm a "man hater" and this was the exact type of man I hate, which most likely consists of at least 95% of those with a "Y" chromosome worldwide, I meant that too & I guess it strikes a nerve with me LOL.

Next post will be a bit more friendly haha.


  1. I appreciate your sharing my link, but I hate reading about your real-life tragedy. That stinks.

  2. Haha, it's no biggie Clint, seriously. I just chalk it up to learning experiences & I will be more prepared next time. Probably didn't help that it was an internet deal, I had no way of verifying that he was being honest. I just figured that since I was speaking truth, he was too. (Not knocking meeting on-line, I know you & Cindy did)
    I love the guide. The little sarcasm is lovely haha! It just shows us how low society allows people to stoop, you know?

  3. I just wanted to stop by and say thanks for stopping by my place. Your blog makes some interesting reading, looks like you have had a very exciting life.

  4. Thanks for coming by Debbie! Your blog is so fun!


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