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Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Many Faces of My Dad

 October 4th, 1947-December 12th, 2008
I miss him so much.

Every childhood memory I can muster includes this great man,
He was superior in every aspect of his life, including career, athletics and character.
If he had a goal in mind, you can bet it would be accomplished.
He was an "all or nothing" human being.

Observing him in action was a sight to behold...

Yes, FUN easily could have been his middle name...

From birth, he was always very attentive....

Made a special effort (not) to "color within the lines"....

An avid animal lover...and...imitator....lol

A jokester from his demeaner, to his wardrobe...

Sense of humor? I'd say so!!
A true joy to have had in my life...

A true child at heart...

Could dish it out, and take it just as well...

Had his favorites....(the chair and the shirt lol)

In case you can't read it, the shirt says, "I beat anorexia".

Best of all, he was a man after God's heart which means that although I miss him terribly, I will see him again one day on the other side!

At his baptism in the Jordan river.

Happy Father's Day Dad!
I sure do miss you.

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