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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

"Open House"

I work night shift. Most nights I go in at 11pm, some nights I go in at 7pm and work until 7:30am. When I have off days I tend to live those same general hours. Unless, of course, I've got a hike planned or some other activity and then I might rise before 9am, but this is rare.
I get this text from a friend I work with:
(It's like 8:30 on my off day)
"Get your a$$ over here, I've got the coffee going."

Most days I wouldn't have even heard the "ding ding" my phone makes when I receive a text...but for some reason, I just wasn't sleeping deeply enough, so I did hear it and actually looked at it!
Most days I might have a witty comment to come back with after I've been up awhile, but my brain was basically mush due to the insanely early hour on top of my lack of sleep. So my response was:
"I'll be there in 20 to 30, but I look horrible"

Yes, I actually got out of my cozy bed and grabbed Mom & we headed over, bottle of maple syrup in hand. (the kids had made pancakes & they were out)

We arrived, drank espresso so that I could make intelligable conversation hehe, and chatted for a bit. Turns out that she had invited a few others to stop by at their leisure for sort of an "open house" type of day.

We decided it would be craft day. Yes, I am an artist with paper, pencils and paints. She is crafty with material and a sewing machine. Don't get me wrong, she is very artistic in other ways as well, but this day, she taught me a few things about patterns and folding and pinning and cutting and measuring and matching fabrics and OH! We had so much fun! We were preparing the materials to make 4 "Amy Butler" bags.
(Apparently if you know anything about sewing, then you know Amy Butler.) Several others trickled in through the morning and pitched right in.
 We sat on the floor in her living room "crafting" and wow, I was suffering at the end of the day. You don't realize which muscles you don't use (like those in my lower back) until you do use them for hours & then try to ignore them as you stand up. I really felt OLD!

There ended up being a house full by mid day. We sat out on her deck and drank greyhounds with a fabulous lunch that she and her husband prepared with Grilled Steak,salmon & fresh vegies, spinach salad (with her home made dressing that is to die for) & mashed yams. It was a beautiful sunny day.

I am so glad I heard my phone. I am equally glad that I was too tired to fuss about what time it really was, and that I drug myself up and went. It was a wonderful mood lifter for me to spend the day with friends
feeling relaxed and "at home."

Thank you God for the blessing of friends!

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