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Monday, August 15, 2011

Visiting Baxter & Pals

I am a die hard animal lover. I can't say that Kory shares my (bordering on obsessive) love for almost any critter...but he did seem to be having a great time when we visited the
Olympic Game Farm.
It's a drive through animal sanctuary where you may feed them wheat bread only!! Along the drive there is a variety including:
Yaks, "Ricki" the rhino, zebras, bunnies, reindeer, wolves, tigers, cougars, llamas, ground hogs, emu, ostrach and....
Elk lazing around.

How majestic he is!

An adorable baby! He's the only one of the herd
who would get up to come get snacks from us!

The mascot! Bison!!

Yes, I'm fascinated with babies of every shape & size haha.

The highlight of this adventure was meeting "Baxter".
No, this is not the name they gave him, but this is the name Kory gave him. In fact, Kory calls most every animal (stuffed or real) Baxter. It is quite comical actually. In Maine (where he just spent his second summer in a row working as a youth minister) the family he stayed with even got slightly irritated with him because before the summer was over, he had their dog coming to his NOT new name.

We decided that Baxter was a perfect name for this Kodiac though.
He catches his bread mid air.

Then poses with a smile for you.

When he's ready for another piece, he waves at you.


Taking a little break to cool off.

Doing his best to chill, one of several other Kodiac bears in the park.

It was an enjoyable and relaxing way to spend a couple hours with Mom & Kory.


  1. Now that is my kind of place. Had to look it up to make sure it wasn't also a hunting club. We had one of those in Florida which several times a year opened up to hunters for a huge price. They got to drive around in jeeps and shoot African animals. Delighted to see it wasn't one of those.
    Love all the Baxters.
    Arkansas Patti

  2. Looks like a fun day! But that grizzly doesn't appear to like his new name. Ha.


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