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Monday, October 3, 2011

The Day After

It's now the day after.
Has anything really changed though?
Still, the writer of fairy tales is the heroine in this one.
All in all, I really should have known that when I was asked to speak, my true feelings weren't welcomed. It's the same old story...if it's what they want to hear, it's ok and encouraged. If not...then I'm no longer needed or wanted.
Is it imperative that I be wanted or needed?
I will survive. My resolve to turn my back just as they have turned their backs becomes stronger every time. There comes a point where I just have to wash my hands of them...all of them.
At some point it always comes back to being used, being bled dry of all the emotional, physical & financial resources I can muster and then when the author decides to write a new chapter in the fairy tale, I am placed in the trash. Not the garbage that is sent away once a week, but in the recycle bin to be called up when there's no where else to turn.
I'm emptying the recycle bin. 
This might as well be the final chapter in the story for me.
I'm tired of being used and tossed away until it's more convenient for them.
My family is ruined....that was the goal, right?
Mission accomplished. She may as well write me out of the story now.
She already has.
Give her an award.

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