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God's Amazing Creation

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Friday, October 14, 2011

A Wonderful, Beautiful Soul

Once upon a time there was a wonderful, beautiful young lady. God worked her into our lives in His own special way, and there she stayed for a fairly long spell. Speaking of 'spells', she was magical in the sense that she brightened up the room when she arrived someplace. She made your heart smile when you looked into her eyes. Yes, this girl was indeed quite special. 
Sometimes she seemed to be almost too good to be true. It was so frightening!
 Well, when you have a mind like mine, people who are really good are so intimidating. It's as if that darkness (which lies within us all) might decide to rear it's ugly head even higher just to try to overshadow the pure beauty in it's midst just for the sake of doing it. That's how the evil one functions, right? 
Oh, and he did work. He worked within all of our lives. He was sly, allowing us to be comfortable initially, but then BAM! Creating havoc in the minds of each one of us, trying to be certain that nothing good could come of the bonds we were making...that we had made. He snaked his way in like he so loves to do...and there he remained for quite a long time. We tried to make believe that he wasn't really there and that we were letting God be in charge, but were we? I don't think so...at least not with regard to the way we all chose to see and interpret each other. We all made so many mistakes, holding on to ideas we may have created; or did that slimy snake plant them there? 

God has been patient with us. He loves us so. 

You know, that lady is even more beautiful today. 
You can't hide God's light, can you?

God works in mysterious ways. He opens our eyes to the splendor of His creation...and we are His creation, aren't we? Yes, when He created us, mankind, He didn't just exclaim that it was "good", but that it was 
"very good"! 
He created us in His image. He has the power to open our hearts...our minds, if we will only allow Him to do it. 
I am so grateful that He is alive and well in our lives again today. That He is shining brightly in each of us and that we see Him working in our daily comings and goings. 
Especially...I so love that wonderful, beautiful young lady and I am beyond happy that God has kicked that slimy serpent out of our lives. God will be the author of our future...and I pray that His plan includes making that bond even stronger and our love deeper than it ever was before.
Yes, it is pure joy to know that God has chosen to bring such  
a wonderful, beautiful soul
into our lives. 

Thank You Lord!

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