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God's Amazing Creation

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I love God!! I am a travelling RN working in labor & delivery. I have an AWESOME son & daughter in law and a brand new grandson! They will be fabulous parents because THEY are outstanding. I love the Seattle Seahawks...my favorite player hands down is Richard Sherman for a number of reasons. I love to draw portraits and I am dabbling with mixed media painting...I suppose I'm an artist! I love photography, but I'm a novice & am constantly practicing as I make my way through God's wonderful creation.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


"Two Hearts Divided"
Basically describes the way I feel about any of my (past,present or future) relationships with those who possess a "Y" chromosome.
I'm not and will not EVER be "in love" or "relationship" material. 
I'm too moody, independent, bull headed, stubborn....need I continue?
 I think not.  

"The Eye of the Storm"
Learning how to use a palette knife with acrylics is quite an adventure! I just love the innumerable ways you can manipulate the paint and blend colors. 
I have so much to learn, but I'm certainly having fun with it!

I painted this with acrylic on canvas for Kory, my most favorite man (child....I almost can't use the word child anymore cuz he's growing into such a fine man...but he will always be my BABY anyway!)
He asked me to read Revelation and paint something that depicted Christ's victory over Satan. SO...it took me quite awhile to come up with what I would add to the painting. He wanted me to be sure I included "the white horse that death rode upon"..so I did that. I tried to get in a few images of "weeping and gnashing of teeth" in the fire. It was the most challenging piece I've been requested to do thus far. Typically I get a photo and am just requested to render a portrait from it, but this was quite different and subjective. 

I wasn't completely sure if this piece would be more realistic, or abstract...but I think it's a cross between the two. It definitely appears to be a sunrise/sunset to all who have commented on it but initially I was just wanting to make it a bright outburst of color. I guess it can be interpreted in any way one wants to interpret it. 

Speaking of awakenings...as I was saying at the beginning of this post...I am absolutely content with how things in my life are going right now. I sort of like the idea of most of my friends being on line because it's "safe" that way. I've been approached by different people wanting to "set me up" with friends of theirs, and wanting to meet up with me, but do i really want to subject someone to...myself? 
Nah, unless someone already knows me well and still wants to hang out with me in a friendship only situation, I think I'll remain the hermit that I am and just hang with Mom while I still have the chance. She and I don't get in each other's way too much and we will be moving for the FINAL time at the end of February! 
Woo Hoo!!!! 

Critique or comments on my new adventure in acrylics is always welcome. 
Cheers & God Bless ;)